S02 E10: The Journey Of Making Things Happen & Owning Your Creative Process with Kayla Hollatz

For the last interview of Season 2 I'm joined by a returning guest from Season 1, Kayla Hollatz, to talk about her creative journey since then, going full time with her business, our thoughts on coaching and why we chose this career path, and our thoughts on embracing our creative process too. Kayla also shares with us what’s next for her own business and community too. 

What we discussed:

  • Recapping Kayla’s journey so far
  • How listening to her community helped to give Kayla focus in her business
  • Kayla’s transition to going full time with her creative business
  • How and why Kayla was able to get booked out with her services before even officially launching
  • We we believe in focusing on building your community before monetising
  • Our “secret weapons” and why we continue to evolve with them
  • Our thoughts on staying open to the possibilities while making plans for your business
  • How I’m approaching 2016 as a 12-week year
  • Our thoughts on why we love coaching as a way of being of service to others and the lessons we’re learning along the way
  • Kayla’s thoughts on owning our creative process
  • My thoughts on not allowing the noise of others to stifle our own creative process
  • Kayla’s approach to consuming intentionally 
  • How Kayla is adjusting to working from home for herself full time
  • My personal definition of success in this season of my life
  • The exciting things coming soon to Create Lounge
  • What Kayla is hoping to make happen in 2016
  • Kayla’s advice for anyone listening who is working hard to make big things happen right now
  • How we can get involved with Kayla’s work online

Links mentioned:

  • Episode with Kayla from Season 1
  • y blog post on my Blogging & Business Journey So Far
  • Kayla's blog post on Owning Your Creative Process
  • Alexandra Franzen blog posts on Today Is Not Over Yet and Empty The Tank

Where you can find Kayla:

  • Website
  • Create Lounge
  • Twitter
  • Instagram