S02 E01: A Year To Savour & A Year To Curate with Caroline Winegeart of Made Vibrant

What burn out teaches you is to recalibrate on a more frequent basis
— Caroline
It’s waking up every day and forgiving yourself when you don’t make the right decision
— Jen

What we discussed:

  • Caroline's journey and story so far
  • The importance of our personal story and beliefs for our branding and marketing
  • How our personality types impact on our work and our life
  • The importance of rest and boundaries in our work and our life
  • Why Caroline chose Savour as her word for 2015 and Curate as her word for 2016
  • Caroline's journey to minimalism 
  • How we're embracing "less but better" in our budgets
  • What Caroline is hoping to make happen in 2016
  • What Caroline's advice is for anyone who is working hard to make big things happen right now
  • How we can support Caroline and get involved with her work
It’s about taking the time to enjoy the flexibility that we’ve all worked so hard to maintain
— Caroline
My question this year is: how can I still bring my highest level of contribution to the world while still being of service to myself?
— Jen
The biggest advice I could give to people is to share authentically and to share consistently
— Caroline

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