S02 E09.5: Productive Hustle vs Unproductive Hustle

In this mini episode I explore the differences between productive hustle and unproductive hustle when we’re working hard to make things happen with our creative work. If you’re ready to work smarter, not harder, this is the episode for you. 

Productive hustle is focused, intentional, and full of impact. It’s energising and brings with it meaningful progress and results. It hones in on your highest level of contribution, and it never asks you to burn yourself out along the way. Productive hustle is working on the most important areas of your business, doing the work that brings you the biggest return on investment, and it leaves you feeling focused and full of direction every step of the way

Where you can find Jen:

My biggest advice to anyone listening is to trade busy for impact. By impact I mean more impact in your business, more impact in your creativity, and more impact when it comes to finding joy and happiness in your creative life too. You don’t need to be excessively busy to thrive in your work, and you don’t have to clock in a certain number of hours each week to be a legitimate business owner. All you need to do is your very best work, to stay focused on the goals and results that matter to you, and to be brave enough to do business in the way that works best for you