S02 E07.5: Three questions to help you find focus with your creative work

In this episode of Make It Happen I share three simple questions to help you find more clarity, focus, and direction with your creative work and business. If you’re struggling to stay focused on what matters most so you can get the results you want, this is the episode for you. 

If you can hone in on what your core work is, you can then fuel your focus to feed that instead of being distracted and scattered along the way. Especially if you’re starting to feel super distracted by all the shoulds and trends online, honing in on your core focus is how you can just turn off that noise and stay super intentional in your own business instead

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Taking ownership of what it is you want from this season in your creative life is how you can make really purposeful and intentional decisions, instead of just feeling like you’re on auto-pilot or being driven by values and a vision that don’t really align with your own