S02 E09: When Your Personal Life Affects Your work & Listening To Yourself As A Creative with Trista Dedmon

What we discussed:

  • Trista’s story and journey so far
  • Our thoughts on when our personal life affects our business and Trista’s recent experience of this
  • Trista’s approach to not seeing her business and her life as two separate things but instead who she is
  • Our thoughts on being intuitive in business 
  • Trista’s approach to work and rest in her creative life
  • My thoughts on hard work and learning to trust ourselves to get the work done
  • Why Trista believes in listening to yourself above all the other noise as a creative
  • My thoughts on developing our sense of self as a creative
  • What inspires us online and what we like to consume
  • How our relationship to online business has changed in 2016
  • What Trista is hoping to make happen in 2016
  • Trista’s advice for anyone listening who is working hard to make things happen in their creative life
  • How we can get involved with Trista’s work online

Links mentioned:

  • Trista's Medium piece on Breaking Through To The Other Side: How To Survive Your Next Transition
  • Trista's Medium piece on Keeping Your Creative Livelihood Together When Your Personal Life Is Transforming
  • Simon Sinek TED Talk on Start With Why
  • Carolyn Elliot
  • Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative and Being Boss

Where you can find Trista:

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • Twitter