S02 E08: Evolving With Your Personal Brand & Work vs Rest with Estée Lalonde

What we discussed:

  • Estée’s story & journey so far
  • Introversion & working alone
  • Estée’s journey to becoming a business owner and embracing being a “boss"
  • How Estée maintain boundaries with her personal brand and personal life
  • Estée’s thoughts on work/life balance
  • My thoughts on intentional seasons as a creative
  • Estée’s rebrand last year from Essie Button to Estée Lalonde
  • How Estée defines success in this season of her life
  • Who Estée is inspired by
  • Estée’s approach to creativity and getting things done in her business
  • Estée’s upcoming book, Bloom
  • What Estée is hoping to make happen in 2016
  • Estée’s advice for anyone listening who is working hard to make big things happen in their life
  • How we can get involved with Estée’s work online

Where you can find Estée:

  • Youtube
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Her book: Bloom