S02 E06: Creative Friendships & Marketing Yourself As A Visual Creative with Asia Croson & Paige Poppe of Space To Face

What we discussed:

  • Paige & Asia’s stories and journey’s so far
  • Being a “facer” as a creative business owner
  • The importance of creative friendships
  • How to cultivate healthy creative friendships
  • Our different approaches to downtime
  • Marketing yourself through content as a visual creative
  • How Asia & Paige’s personal brands shape how they share themselves online
  • Mixing things up creatively
  • How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be relevant to creative business owners
  • Finding the balance between doing the work and marketing your work
  • Our thoughts on trusting the journey as creative business owners
  • What Asia & Paige are hoping to make happen in 2016
  • Asia & Paige’s advice for anyone listening who is working hard to make big things happen in their creative life
  • How we can get involved with Asia & Paige and what they do online

Links mentioned:

  • On embracing discomfort, and not letting self-care become self-indulgence on Soul Anatomy
  • Why millennials are obsessed with self-improvement on Forbes
  • When the hustle meets the woo on Braid Creative

Where you can find Asia & Paige:

  • Asia Croson
  • Paige Poppe
  • Space To Face

Listen to our episode over on the Space To Face podcast:

  • Content Creation, Being An Introvert As A Business Owner, & Standing Out Amongst The Noise