S01 E10.5: Embracing A Season Of Enough In Your Creative Life

For the last mini episode of Season 2 I'm sharing some thoughts on what it means to embrace a season of enough in your creative life, and why this can be such a powerful season in our journey. If you’re aching to slow down and embrace more joy in your journey, this is the episode for you. 

You may be wondering, what exactly is a season of enough in your creative life? For me, it’s been a season of existing in my business and life instead of striving constantly for more. It’s been embracing a very stress-free mindset when it comes to my work - I haven’t spent a lot of time worrying about the future or feeling any pressure to reach any major goals in this season of my work and life, instead I’ve been focusing on digging deeper and just really embracing the gratitude and joy that I’m finding in my work right now. I’ve still been working, and I’ve still been reaching my income goals, I’ve just been doing it in a quieter, more restful, more life-driven way

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When you first start out in your creative life, it takes a certain type of hard work and hustle to make things happen. That’s why I call it the mountain climbing phase. But, sooner or later once you have built a stable business, it’s sometimes hard to break out of that hustle hard mindset that your business needed you to have in the beginning. Intentionally slowing down during quarter 1 of this year has showed me that I can embrace a mindset of enough and still work hard in my business but while playing and resting as much as I work and thankfully my work and my business haven’t suffer in the process - in all honestly, I actually think they’ve benefited from it along the way