S02 E06.5: The Mountain Climbing Phase In Your Creative Journey

In this mini episode of Make It Happen I’m sharing my best advice for anyone currently trying to climb the first mountain in their creative journey. If this journey is feeling daunting and overwhelming along the way, this is the episode for you. 

Here’s the thing about the mountain climbing phase in our journey; it’s damn scary. Sometime’s it feels like its just too hard, or that there are too many obstacles, or that we have no idea at all what we’re doing and like we’re doomed to fail even if we try. What separates the people who make it over that first mountain is a little faith, a whole lot of hustle and grit, hard work, and the courage to get started and then keep going even when it’s tough.

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There’s a reason people glorify hustling - because at it’s core, hustling is what we do when we push ourselves to make incredible things happen, and most of the time it takes some serious hustle to get a business and creative livelihood or project off the ground. Don’t be afraid of the hard work, not only will it help you do things you never knew you were capable of, but it also feels pretty damn good to work hard on something that is so meaningful to you too.