S02 E04: Defining Success On Your Own Terms with Jen & Danielle of She Percolates

For me, seeing my hard work pay off is what success means to me right now
— Jen of She Percolates
You have to have diversity in what makes you feel fulfilled
— Danielle of She Percolates

What we discussed:

  • Jen & Danielle’s story so far and how they became friends
  • What success means to Jen & Danielle right now
  • How our personal definition of success changes over time
  • What Jen & Danielle have learned from interviewing women about their definition of success
  • Jen & Danielle’s thoughts on owning what success means to you
  • The importance of surrounding ourselves with people who support us in our journey
  • Why we love podcasting and the lessons we’ve learned so far
  • What Jen & Danielle are hoping to make happen this year
  • Jen & Danielle's biggest advice for anyone listening who wants to make big things happen and stay true to their version of success along the way
  • How we can get involved with Jen & Danielle and support them online
We just want people to feel less alone in what their definition of success is
— Danielle of She Percolates

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  • She Percolates
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Conquering Chaos e-Book