S02 E04.5: Three questions to fuel & direct your content planning process

In today’s mini episode I’m sharing with you three questions that I walk my clients through when they’re struggling with their content creation process. I’m a big believer in being intentional and purposeful when we show up and share ideas online, and this episode is for you if you’d like to explore some steps to help you do exactly that. 

Once you hone in on what the stories, ideas, conversations and insights are that you want to explore and share in your content right now, you can then start to bring to life ideas that feel purposeful, intentional, and effective for you and your work along the way.

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We all want to put our best, most meaningful, and effective ideas out there, but we can start to feel uninspired or disengaged from the process if we feel like we’re not truly connecting with what it is we want to say and share right now.
— Jen

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If you’re struggling to feel connected, inspired, and focused in your content creation process, try exploring the values that are guiding you right now.
— Jen