S02 E03: Building A Business & Lifestyle of Soul & Success with Ashley Beaudin of Fire + Wind Co.

The more you take care of your soul the more your business will thrive
— Ashley
I think putting our heart into our business saves us from becoming lost in our business
— Jen

What we discussed:

  • Ashley’s story and journey so far
  • What fuelled the purpose behind the work Ashley does
  • What Ashley thinks holds us back from building a lifestyle and business of soul and success
  • The stories we tell ourselves that keep us small in our work and our life
  • How Ashley stays connected to her heart and listens to herself in her journey
  • How Ashley takes care of her soul and wellbeing along the way
  • How putting soul into your business can help it to thrive
  • Why Ashley felt like her business fell apart and what she learned through that process
  • Embracing your sensitivity as a business owner
  • What Ashley is hoping to make happen in 2016
  • Ashley’s biggest advice for anyone listening who is working really hard to build a business and a lifestyle of soul and success
  • How we can get involved with Ashley and the work she does online
If you can tap into your sensitivity you then have the capacity to hold other people’s sensitivity and help them make really meaningful growth
— Jen
It’s not about needing to develop a tougher skin, it’s about needing to developing a process or a system that works for you where you’re really able to process the things that are happening in your business
— Ashley

Where you can find Ashley:

  • Fire + Wind Co
  • The Firework Box
  • Twitter
  • Instagram