S02 E02: Mindful Budgetting & Choosing Your Own Financial Adventure with Cait Flanders of Blonde On A Budget

At the end of the month what brought you the most joy? For me it’s always travel
— Cait
I feel like I’m going through this stage in my life where I’m really accepting how I feel about money
— Jen

What we discussed:

  • Cait’s journey and story so far
  • Cait’s journey from getting in and then out of debt
  • How Cait prioritised getting out of debt
  • What Cait wishes she did differently when getting out of debt
  • What led Cait to starting a 24 month shopping ban after becoming debt free
  • Cait’s approach to savings and why she doesn’t follow the 20% rule
  • How Cait’s blog has influenced my own approach to budgetting
  • Cait’s approach to choosing your own financial adventure
  • Cait’s approach to her finances as a self-employed freelancer
  • My approach for my personal and business finances and why I focus on a quarterly budget
  • How Cait prioritises travel in her monthly budget
  • How changing your approach to money can be a catalyst for bigger change in your life
  • What Cait is hoping to make happen this year
  • Her biggest advice for anyone who is hoping to take control of their finances right now
  • How we can support Cait and get involved with her work online
It is really powerful when you can change one area and see that you’re totally in control of what you want your life to look like
— Cait

Where you can find Cait:

  • Blonde On A Budget
  • Budgets & Cents Podcast
  • Twitter
  • Instagram