S02 E08.5: Lets Talk About Imposter Syndrome

In this mini episode of Make It Happen I explore how imposter syndrome can affect us as creatives. I dig into some ideas for how to move past it if it’s holding you back in your creative journey, and share some personal insights too. If you’re struggling with feeling like a fraud in your creative work, this is the episode for you.

What I have learned is that the only person we need permission from is ourselves, and when we’re offering services or products or experiences that are rooted in truth, and in something that we truly believe can be of value, there is no need for us to fear that we are a fraud, or a fake, or an imposter.

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My biggest advice to anyone listening who is struggling with imposter syndrome? Bear witness to your own life, your own success, your own growth, and your own journey - and don’t rely on the validation and approval of others along the way. Celebrate your success, be comfortable with embracing your wins along the way in your journey, and prioritise your voice above everyone else’s.