S02 E07: Instagram, Putting Yourself Out There, & Balancing Motherhood with Sara Tasker of Me & Orla

What we discussed:

  • Sara’s journey & story so far
  • Sara’s journey to growing her Instagram to over 100K followers
  • Sara’s best advice & tips for utilising Instagram as a platform
  • How Sara transitioned her online presence from a hobby to a business
  • How Sara transitioned into monetising without losing her authenticity 
  • Sara’s leap into working for herself full time
  • What’s surprised Sara the most in her first year of working for herself
  • Sara’s approach to pitching and putting herself out there
  • Why Sara thinks she has had success on Instagram 
  • How Sara balances the multiple job titles and roles within her business
  • Sara’s experience of balancing motherhood alongside building her creative career
  • Our thoughts on balance as creative business owners
  • What Sara is hoping to make happen in 2016
  • Sara's advice for anyone listening who is working hard to make big things happen online with their creative work
  • How we can get involved with Sara's work online

Links mentioned:

Where you can find Sara online:

  • Me & Orla
  • Instagram
  • Twitter