S03 E05.5: 7 Questions I Ask My Clients When They’re Unsure Of What Steps To Take Next

In this mini episode I walk you through some of the questions I ask my clients whenever they’re feeling unfulfilled, and lost, and stuck, and unsure of what steps to take next in their business and creative life. This episode is for you if you’re aching for a little more clarity and direction in your creative work and life right now. 

So to recap, here are the 7 questions to ask yourself:

Number one: What does having it all look like for you?
Number two: What do your truly desire in your life and business in this season?
Number three: What are the practicalities in your work and your life that you want to honour in this season?
Number four: What external noise and opinions are you bringing to the table?
Number five: What are you afraid of?
Number six: What are you grateful for in your life?
Number seven: What is your intuition guiding you to do next?

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