S03 E01.5: Lifestyle Business Owners, This One's For You

In this mini episode I’m sharing with you some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far in my journey of building and running a lifestyle business. If you’re ready to run your business on your own terms and live your creative life by your own rules, this is the episode for you.

You can choose to work less, you can choose to not aggressively increase your income each year, you can choose to make more space for passion projects, just like you can choose to have a season of hustle to help you reach a major life goal like buying a house or paying for a wedding. The main point is - it’s okay in those seasons where you choose to work less if you want to. You’ve just got to make intuitive and smart decisions so you can make that work, but you do not have to hustle yourself into the ground just to prove that you can.

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If you’re building a lifestyle business, everything needs to be ultimately rooted in your own core values and vision for your life - if we blindly follow the blueprints of others, we’ll find ourselves with a business and a lifestyle that isn’t aligned with what it is we truly want. Never be afraid to go against the grain, to take risks, to listen to your intuition, to take what can serve you and leave the rest. You are oh so capable of making smart, intuitive, and purposeful decisions in your business - don’t give that up to a step-by-step blueprint that doesn’t understand what it is you really want from your work and your life.