S03 E03.5: You can run an online business without losing yourself to the internet

Today’s episode is for any creatives who would rather spend less time online and more time doing the work they’re inspired to do and living their life too. I share some of the steps that have helped me to run an online business without having to completely lose myself to the internet along the way.

So many of us started creative businesses to do awesome work in the world, not to become slaves to the internet. The internet can help us so much these days in getting our brand out there, building awareness of our work in our industry, attracting clients and customers, and making awesome connections too. But sometimes getting too lost in the internet can actually then distract us from doing the work we actually set out to do.

Where you can find Jen:

My biggest encouragement to you today is that you have permission to navigate your digital life in whatever way works best for you - you don’t have to spend all of your time online just to run a successful business, you can build and shape your business and digital life to work whatever way you want it to.