S03 E02: Making Things Happen On Your Own Terms with Holly Booth

In this episode I’m joined by product photographer and stylist Holly Booth to talk all about how she makes things happen in her business. We have an absolute blast talking morning routines, managing emails, navigating stress, and so much more. 

What we discussed:

  • Holly’s journey and story so far
  • What Holly’s typical workload looks like each week
  • How Holly keeps her business and workload feeling fresh
  • How Holly stays organised in her business
  • Holly’s morning routine
  • How Holly makes space for breaks throughout the day
  • How Holly has learned to intuitively navigate her workday over the years
  • Holly’s journey of moving her business into a studio
  • Holly’s long term plan for how she wants to run her business
  • How Holly manages her inbox and embraces a “when we die we won’t care about emails” mindset
  • What Holly loves to do when she’s not working
  • Where Holly finds the most joy in her business
  • How Holly navigates stress in her business
  • Why we give ourselves pep-talks when we’re feeling stressed in our business
  • How Holly stays motivated in her business every day
  • When Holly has had to give herself permission to go against the grain and industry norms in her business
  • Holly's biggest advice for anyone listening who is working hard to make things happen right now
  • What Holly is hoping to make happen right now

Links mentioned:

  • When you die you won't care about emails by Alexandra Franzen

Where you can find Holly online:

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook