S03 E01: Making Things Happen On Your Own Terms with Paige Schmidt

Paige Schmidt is a holistic health coach based on San Louis Obispo (and happens to be one of my awesome clients) and in today’s episode we explore how she makes things happen in her business and creative life on her own terms while still thriving in her business along the way. 

What we discussed:

  • Paige’s story & journey so far
  • What Paige’s weekly workload typically looks like
  • How long it took Paige to find a good routine in her business
  • The importance of a healthy routine as a coach
  • How Paige stays organised in her business
  • Paige’s morning routine and how it’s changed over the years
  • How Paige makes space for breaks throughout her workday 
  • What Paige’s workspace looks like
  • Why Paige loves starting her morning from a coffee shop when possible 
  • How Paige navigates her inbox so it doesn’t have to be a drain on her workday
  • Paige’s approach to taking time off throughout the year
  • Where Paige finds the most joy in her business and creative life
  • Why Paige prioritises having fun in her business
  • How Paige navigates stress in her business
  • A time when Paige has gone against the grain and industry norms in her business so she could carve her own path instead
  • Paige’s biggest advice to anyone working hard to make things happen in their creative work and life right now
  • What Paige is hoping to make happen right now and how we can get involved

Things and people mentioned:

  • Asia Croson
  • The Four Hour Work Week

Where you can find Paige:

  • Healthy Hits The Spot
  • Facebook
  • Instagram